From Ready-To-Cook meals to our own fresh Beef Jerky, we have plenty of specialties to offer!

Meat Specialties

We have an assortment of specialty meat that the butcher makes every day. We grind our own sausage and ground beef for freshness and quality. We also have a selection of ready-to-cook courses.

Homemade Brownies

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Our lovely baker makes these delicious, fluffy treats every week just for you! They're fresh and we always try to keep them in stock. You can eat them right out of the package or save them for when you get home and mix them with ice cream! Yum!

Thrifty Ice Cream

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These are not all of the flavors we carry. Remember to check with the employees if you are looking for something specific.
Yes! We are one of the only places in Big Bear that offer classic Thrifty Ice Cream! Our orders come in twice a week, so the flavors on the shelf are always changing. You can always ask an employee to check and see if we have a specific flavor you want in the freezer.